Welcome to Harmonious Health Ltd.

Harmonious Health has unfolded through various iterations and expressions over the dozen years since it’s inception, with a variety of similarly-inclined health and well-being enthusiasts practicing a swarth of therapies and modalities, and has recently boiled down and refined into the subtle yet palpable health journey experience of Todd W. Stewart.

It’s warm, relaxed and peaceful here, and one of the focus’ is on increasing the enjoyment of life.  That's ultimately why we want health improvement, right?  We do that by hearing your story of your journey (however big or small it could be), helping you explore new ways to live, new things to try, new experiences to have... 

(If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got...)

Here's some of how we do that.

We enjoy what we do, we're rather good at it and we value presence, honesty, trust, respect, validation, empowerment, and fun. 

This site is pretty straight-foward (we're more interested in being in the Healing Space than in playing on computers...).  Give us a call or an email if you'd like a more human interaction.

The chances are pretty good that we’ll be able to help you with whatever it is you’d like to focus on improving.  And if we can't, we'll be able to connect you with someone who can.

So, welcome!  Take your time, enjoy yourself.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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